Wow, what a speech. Ok Ok, I’m jumping on the KD bandwagon. What an awesome athlete and guy in general. 

mmMm. Adding this on my to do list when I gather enough culinary skills that is. : )

Amazing Inspirational Race

The video is a few years old, but wow! An inspirational race indeed. Heather falls at the 1:09 mark of the video, but she gets back up and continues running the race. And what an amazing finish!

In life, we are expected to face hardships, obstacles, and times of discouragement. Sometimes, we feel like we are alone with our struggles, and that things will never improve. It could be a financial hardship that you are experiencing, bullying, difficult marriage, uncertainty about the future, the death of someone close, etc.

Many of us fall in life, just like Heather did in her race. But often we are tempted to quit and stay down rather than to get back up.  So I encourage you all, that when you do fall in life, to get back up and keep running. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a finish line that you will reach, and who knows… There could be an surprise ending just like Heather’s race! 

All you grown men out there can probably recall your childhood memories of building “forts & castles” with chairs, bedsheets, whatever you can find in the house. Well… now you can relive those days with the Study Cube! 

Could this be an amazing business idea, especially for Asian families? Great for devotionals/quiet times? Or simply a useful tool to get work done? 

… Anyhow… I kind of want this myself!

(Credit to: The Haystack Needle)

I like this awesome and creative gift wrapping idea. Personally, I would try to avoid using the cliche, flamboyant gift wraps that most people use, but instead use more creative, homemade ones. : )

If you thought Photo booths were awesome… Check out the Slow Motion Booth! Will this have major implications for future wedding fun? Is this another reason to get married soon?

Hip business / networking cards? Check.

Hip business / networking cards? Check.

Do you consider yourself to be an “organized” person?


How do you define “being organized,” and what does it look like? 

Is it being methodical in your everyday life? Could it be managing your time efficiently by using a planner? Perhaps it is setting goals for yourself & regularly evaluating your progress? Is it being an opportunist/strategist rather than a person who just seems to do whatever shows up next?

Why is having an organizational ability important and beneficial?

You can probably think of many valid reasons, but one reason that I could think of, is that being organized frees up your mind. It does not have to focus as much on physical & mental clutter that would otherwise consume your daily life. i.e. regularly losing articles of clothing at home, constantly telling yourself to start reading a certain book even after putting it off for months, not exercising, etc. A free mind can become a creative and confident mind as well.

I recently read a Christian book called, The Lost Art of Disciple Making, by LeRoy Eims. In one of the chapter, Eims defines organizational ability as one of the 8 identifying marks of an achiever. The author refers to a poem, which I believe many of us can relate to.


There may be nothing wrong with you,

The way you live, the work you do,

But I can very plainly see

Exactly what is wrong with me.

It isn’t that I’m indolent

Or dodging duty by intent;

I work as hard as anyone,

And yet I get so little done,

That morning goes, the noon is here,

Before I know, the night is near,

And all around me, I regret

Are things I haven’t finished yet.

If I could just get organized!

I oftentimes have realized

Not all that matters is the man;

The man must also have a plan

With you, there may be nothing wrong,

But here’s my trouble right along;

I do the things that don’t amount

To very much, of no account,

That really seem important though

And let a lot of matters go.

I nibble this, I nibble that,

But never finish what I’m at.

I work as hard as anyone,

And yet, I get so little done,

I’d do so much you’d be surprised,

If I could just get organized.

Possible future car once I get a new job? Less than $45k? Not bad.

Possible future car once I get a new job? Less than $45k? Not bad.

Words Can Bring us Up or Break us Down


When you look up the Boston Marathon tragedy on various news mediums, most of them will mention the victims; Krystie Campbell, Martin Richard, and Lu Lingzi. But they probably have not included Sunil Tripathi as the “other victim.” His body was found in a river off the India Point Park in Rhode Island, on April 24, 2013. As of today, authorities do not know the cause of death while investigation is pending. 

Tripathi was a Brown University student who had been missing since March 16. No one yet knows what led to his disappearance. However, his disappearance led to a social media firestorm that speculated and falsely portrayed him as one of the two Boston Marathon bombers. The Internet buzz of his involvement was so great that his name became a trending topic on Twitter. A few news companies even reported him as one of the bombers at that time. Eventually, Sunil Tripathi’s name was cleared after the actual culprits were identified. 

Reddit apologizes for speculating about Boston Marathon suspects. However, the damage has already been done. I cannot imagine the suffering that the Tripathi family had and is going through. To have a son missing for over a month, and then to have people calling him out as a bombing suspect, which fueled a witch hunt. Although the cause of death is still uncertain, it seems Sunil had taken his own life. 

There is a verse in scripture that says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits” (Proverbs 18:21). Words can bring us up or they can bring us down. Whenever we speak, we have that power. In the story of Sunil and his family, words were used in the harmful way. Although, we do not know if the social media firestorm had played a part in Tripathi’s death, words certainly hurt his family during and after the ordeal. The family created a facebook page in hopes of finding their missing son, but had to close it down because of the devastating words of those who believed Sunil was one of the bombers.

We are all guilty of saying something that has been hurtful to someone. Maybe it was during that moment of anger when we lost patience with that person or maybe we retaliated because hurtful words were first said to us. I know that I have been guilty of this. I would like to encourage you to take a moment right now, just to evaluate yourself. “Who have I said hurtful words to recently? Will I take the initiative to apologize to that person?” Rather than being a discourager, let us be men and women of encouragement. I don’t now about you, but I feel pretty good when I encourage someone, and I would think he/she would also. Also, consider the verse, “There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18).